• So what do a member of SSB&RDF really do? Take a look at these pictures and read the text to find out.
    The Swedish Toycar- & Liquor Association, yes. Of course we are playing with our toycars, in duty (at meetings) or on our spare time. One of our most important goals is to have "playtime" sceduled during work-hours.
    When we play we natuarlly drink tasty drinks and puff our straight pipes. We have introduced, or rather ESSO has introduced, THE COCKTAIL-HOUR. The Cocktail-hour takes place between 5.00 and 6.00 pm every day. Itīs allowed to drink whenever you want, but during the Cocktail-hour a true member always relaxes with a drink. We also use alcohol as a punishment (how is that possible?). When a member has humiliated himself or somebody else the Board (or the Local Manager) can order him to drink a GLAND COCKTAIL. A Gland Cocktail can contain almost anything that is nearby. The base, of course, is alcohol of some sort. Then the cocktail is mixed with, for instance, old socks, sauses, herbs, milk (yacch) or whatever can be unhealthy to drink. We set our limit at drinking water. We donīt want our members to die painful deaths.
    If we got a chance we really like to relax at a JAZZCLUB that usually is held in one of our cars. We listen to bizarr music while we enjoy our drinks.
    A bizarr person is full of whim. There is no telling what we might do. When SSB&RDF is around an improvised gay-disco can arise almost anywhere.
    We collect almost anything that is made before 1970; cars, toys, kitchen utilities etc. etc. It is really important that the cars are manifactured before 1970, because 1970 the carmakers stoped making good cars and consentrated in cars that would rust and break after a few years.
    We salute British Petroleum. Unfortunately BP does no longer exist in Sweden, but we are working for a reinstallation. Right now our cars are sick of lack of genuine gasoline.
    The Count, The Executioner and Volvex play together in a bizarr band. Visit them at the Sunset Strip!

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    Đ 1996
    Pictures by Jonas Axelson, Jan Mickelin and Wilhelm Petersson.
    Illustrations by Joakim Lindengren and Wilhelm Petersson.