In the summer of 1985 The Mayor and The Executioner met at The Mayor's summer residence right outside Stockholm. They had had a couple of drinks when The Executioner suddenly discovered one of The Mayor's old toy cars at the coffee table.

"Wow", he said as he started to play. In that same moment The Mayor reached for his toybox and toghether they discovered the extreme joy of playing with toy cars. They decided to form a club.

The story of The Swedish Toy Car & Liquor Association had begun.

After carefully choosing among serious friends, four years of hard labour, they formed the Original Board that consists of: The Executioner, The Mayor, The Grossist, Volvex, The Count and Gränges. They decided to go public, put out an ad, and were drowned by application forms. They decided that the new members would have to undergo a certain ritual to become an approved Simple Member.
A Day To Be Proud Of
The Executioner (to the left) and The Count (to the right) welcoming the new member "Frotté-Frotté" to his new life.

Today The Swedish Toy Car & Liquor Association covers all of Scandinavia and has a few members in the US of A and the UK, but we are looking forward to getting new members from

All Over The World

Just imagine the fullfilment of forming your own local section of The Swedish Toy Car & Liquor Association!

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